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SC2 conducts safety audits for construction projects. Majority of these audits are conducted arising out of the existing legal requirements. Under WSH (Construction) Regulations, building project with contract sum 30 millions or more shall be audited by approved WSH auditor once every six months.

The WSH Management System of a project can be audited by either one of the following audit tools:

  • SC2 Audit Protocol
  • Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS)


The Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS) is a standardised auditing tool which provides an independent assessment of the Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). ConSASS comprises of an audit checklist and score card that can be used for evaluation of effectiveness and development status of the worksite's Safety and Health Management System. ConSASS checklist encompasses approximately 330 questions. They are structured based on "Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)" cycle in 17 elements, covering Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Policy, Planning, Implementation & Operation, Checking & Corrective Action and Management Review. 

ConSASS provides a profile of the development status of each element of a worksite's safety and health management system that helps the management to better strategise the resources in order to elevate the standard and improve the effectiveness in managing a worksite's safety and health risks. ConSASS score could also be for cross-comparision between worksites in relation to their effectiveness in managing Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) risks.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has issued a direction to all WSH Auditing Organisation (WSHAO) that with effect from 1st August 2011, all projects with contract sum of S$30 millions and above shall conduct their mandatory SHMS audits using ConSASS checklist, at 6-monthly interval throughout the duration of their project. 

ConSASS checklist

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