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RoofSAFE Contractor Scheme

In response to the recent spate of fall from roof accidents, the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) proposed the development of a RoofSAFE Contractor Scheme for their members.  The scheme aims to help tighten up safe work procedures for the roof work community by establishing the basic WSH requirements and creating a common platform to enhance communication.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the WSH Council strongly support SCAL’s initiative and companies that are certified RoofSAFE Contractors will be the preferred contractor for future roof works.

Below are the 4 criteria for the RoofSAFE Contractor Scheme that companies should aim to fulfill:

  1. Minimum bizSAFE level 3 certification (apply to to qualify for bizSAFE Level 3)
  2. Competency to implement a Permit-to-work system for Work at Heights; and
  3. Membership under an industry association (e.g. SLOTS member of SCAL)
  4. Completed RoofSAFE audit by WSH auditors

Who Are Under the Definition of “Roof Work Contractors”?
“Roof work contactor” includes roofing contractors – and companies from various industry trades that may access or work on roofs during the course of their work.  If your company’s work scope includes having persons access, perform inspections or work on roofs, you will be considered a roof work contractor.  Some examples of roof work contractors include but not limited to:

  •  Landscape contractors
  •  Waterproofing contractors
  •  Solar panel installers
  •  Exhaust stack companies
  •  Facilities management companies

Getting on Board the Scheme
The RoofSAFE Contractor Scheme is for contractors who are SCAL Members and registered in Roofing related trades.

SC2 have to conduct an audit on their roof works covering Work-At-Height. There shall be on-site roofing activities during the audit verification. This can be done together with their yearly SMA Audit or separately.  To maintain the RoofSAFE Contractor status, the audit shall be conducted annually.

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