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  1. Is RoofSAFE audit compulsory?

    No. However The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the WSH Council strongly support SCAL’s initiative and companies that are certified RoofSAFE Contractors will be the preferred contractor for future roof works.

  2. How much is the audit fee?

    You can opt to have RoofSAFE audit only or a combination of SMA and RoofSAFE audit.

    •  RoofSAFE Audit only                     : $385.20 (incl. GST)
    •  SMA Audit and RoofSAFE Audit   : $535.00 (incl. GST)

  3. Can I have my SMA and RoofSAFE audit to be done on the same day?

    Yes, if your SLOTS membership is due to expire (less than 6 months), we recommend that you combine the SMA and RoofSAFE audit together.  You will enjoy $220 savings by having combine audits.  The only condition is that both audits have to be conducted on the same day in order to enjoy the savings.  See Q2 for audit fees.

  4. What do I need to prepare for RoofSAFE audit?

    Please ensure you have:

    • Actual Roof Work project;
    • SMA manual and procedures covering roof works; and
    • Documents/records relating to your roof works (RA, SWP, Training Certificate, Toolbox record, etc.).

  5. Who needs to be involved during RoofSAFE audit?

    The manager/supervisor who is involved with Roof Works

  6. What will I get after completing the RoofSAFE audit?

    You will receive a RoofSAFE audit certificate issued by SC2 PTE LTD to indicate that you have successfully completed the audit for RoofSAFE Contractor.

  7. What is the validity period of RoofSAFE Certificate?

    The RoofSAFE Certificate expiry will match your current SMA Certificate expiry. 

  8. How frequent is RoofSAFE audit conducted?

    Annually, together with your SMA audit if possible.

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