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Physical Condition Checks (PCC) is an independent check to assist companies to improve their overall workplace safety.  The surprise check helps to identify and spot lapses (unsafe acts / unsafe conditions) that may compromise your safety performance.  Our professional Auditors will provide unbiased assessment and insightful feedback to help enhance your site condition and practices. With Physical Condition Checks in place, it will ensure your project team stays vigilant and safety conscious at all times. 

Physical Condition Checks Implementation

  • Can be performed independently or in-between ConSASS audits
  • Can be conducted on whole worksite in general or focused on critical activities
  • Can encompass checks on risk assessments
  • Can be customised to suit your project needs and objectives 

Benefits of Physical Condition Checks 

  • Enhance and maintain the safety standard and performance of the project and company.
  • Maintain good working environment, hence preventing work-related injuries / accidents, and reducing cost.
  • Safe work place will boost employees’ morale and increase productivity.
  • Good safety record improves developers and investors confidence.
  • Create a vigilant workforce and inculcate good safety culture.
  • Enhance safety awareness to the employees.
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