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Process Flow


Application Process


Step 1:
- Companies interested in participating in any of SC2 Certification Schemes can contact us at tel: 62729986 or email
Step 2:
Registration Form
- The registration form provides relevant information from which we can evaluate the nature and scope of the company's certification.
Step 3:
- Based on the information provided on the registration form, a competitively priced quote will be offered.
Step 4:
Assessment & Reservation
- On receipt of the acceptance letter and payment for certification, mutually agreed dates for the assessments will be arranged.
Step 5:
Initial Assessment
(Stage 1)
- This is an on-site assessment to assess the implementation of the relevant management system and supporting programmes. It checks the readiness of the company for certification.
Certification Assessment
(Stage 2)
- This is a formal registration assessment conducted in accordance with the relevant standard. It is usually carried out within four weeks after the Initial assessment.
Step 7:
- On successful completion of the certification assessment and corrective actions, a letter of award will be issued. The certificate will be issued thereafter.
Step 8:
Continuing Assessment
- The certificate is valid for 3 years subject to satisfactory maintenance of the management system. Your management system will be monitored usually on a six-monthly/ yearly basis to ensure that it continues to meet the requirements of the relevant standard.
Step 9:
- The final continuous assessment in the third year will serve as a renewal assessment and certificate will be automatically renewed for another 3-year term.
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