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CP 79: Safety Management System for Construction Worksites

Officially launched in March 2000, this Code represents a standard a good practice for implementing a safety management system for the purpose of ensuring safety &Replica IWC Portuguese watches health of all workers. The elements are as followed:

1. Safety Policy
  Safety Organization
  Responsibilities and authorities
  Policy Review
2. Safe Work Practices
  Type of safety work practices
  Application of safe work practices
  Permit-to-work systems
  Statutory requirements on safe work practices
3. Safety Training
  Identification of training requirements
  Other safety training
  Training for management personnel supervisory personnel & workers
  Training records
4. Group Meetings
  Safety Committee meetings
  Tool box Meeting & safety briefings
  Co-ordination meetings
5. Incident Investigation & Analysis
  Identification & record of incidents
  Investigation of incidents
  Analysis of incident statistics
6. In-house Safety Rules & Regulations
  In-house Safety Rules & Regulations
  Training and review of rules & regulations
  Safety signs
7. Safety Promotion
  Promotional activities
  Safety bulletin boards
  Recognition of good safety performance
  Records of promotional activities
8. Evaluation, Selection & Control of Sub-contractors
  Evaluation of sub-contractors
  Selection of sub-contractors
  Control of sub-contractors
9. Safety Inspection
  Types of inspections
  Competency of safety inspector
  Inspection methodology
  Follow-up system
10. Maintenance Regime
  Maintenance program
  Listing of hand tools, plant, machinery & equipment
  Schedule of inspection & maintenance
  Procedure for breakdown & repair
  Records of inspection & maintenance
  Competency of maintenance personnel
11. Hazard Analysis (Risk Assessment)
  Risk Assessment plan
  Risk Assessment method
  Risk Assessment report
12. The Control of Movement & Use of Hazardous Substances & Chemicals
  Management of hazardous substances & chemicals
13. Emergency Preparedness
  Types of emergency situations
  Emergency plan
  Emergency team
  Emergency drills & exercise
  First aid program
14. Occupational Health Program
  Hearing conservation program
  Respiratory protection program
  Training & education

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